Q: I am visiting in a couple of months. Will you be showing the game?
A: We often don't know more than a few days in advance whether a game will definitely be shown. The general rule is we get all league games, even those not shown live in the UK, and most Cup games too. The website will be updated with games we are or aren't getting.

Q: Do I need to tell you in advance I'm coming?
A: No, you can just show up at the bar to watch the game if it's confirmed on our site.

Q: Can I drop by to meet the Big Apple Bears?
A: Typically we only get together for matches. The American Bar is always open for business though, so feel free to have a drink there. Just don't expect the bar staff to know much about the Gers, though some of them are learning!

Q: Why are people leaving cash on the bar?
A: Tipping is essential in all American bars, and very important for us at the American Bar. Our bar staff have to get up early to open for us and needs to be rewarded for this. Please leave a dollar per drink - don't be a tightwad. This is standard practice and how bar staff make their money. See here for more info.

Q: Why is some stranger asking me for money?
A: Unlike in the UK, games are not free to view in bars. The club has to pay for every game to cover the deal NARSA has negotiated with RangersTV, and we recoup this cost by charging $10 per game.

Q: Why is the guy next to me paying less?
A: $100 for the season gets you a $5 discount per game, although you don't have to do this to be a member.

Q: Why should the bar profit from Rangers fans?
A: The bar does not see this money - it goes to NARSA - and the club is a non-profit. Any excess money is used to fund the occasional free game (usually a midwinter midweek game vs. one of the wee teams).

Q: I am visiting with a [Hearts/Aberdeen/Dundee] fan - can he come along?
A: Yes, supporters of other teams are welcome. We often have one or two Celtic fans at OF games and we have never had problems.

Q: Can I buy a club shirt or baseball cap?
A: Yes, we have club t-shirts available. We sell them at most games, but not online.