Friday, March 10, 2017

Celtic v Rangers, Sun @ 8am

This game will be shown live at the The American Bar (click for directions). There will be a cover charge of $10 collected at half-time, to help pay NARSA for the game feed.

Note: the clocks change by going forward at 2am on Sunday. If you do not change your clock and turn up at "8am EST" you will have missed the first half. 

The bar will be open by 7.15am. The bar does not serve food or coffee (but you are welcome to bring your own in from a nearby deli or diner). If you are looking for the breakfast of champions (i.e. a Pint) the bar has you covered. Please remember to tip the bartender. Ellen is getting up in the middle of the night and starting her shift many hours earlier than she would, just so we have somewhere to watch the game. The customary tip throughout New York is $1 per drink.