Friday, April 08, 2016

Rangers v Peterhead, Sun @ 10am

Join the Big Apple Bears for the cup final. The American Bar is located on 1st Avenue, at 77th Street, and should be opening around 9.15am. Click the"Where to Find Us" link  at the top of this page to get full directions. There is a $10 cover charge, which we will collect around half-time.
There is no food for sale in the bar. Do feel free to bring in your own breakfast if you want. There is a diner next door ("Green Kitchen" - boo!!) and another across the street ("3 Star Diner", shame it wasn't the 5 Star Diner).
Final note: please remember to tip the bartender. They get up early in order to open the bar just for us. They are not being paid to be here. It's the tips (and our friendly banter!) that makes it worthwhile. It's customary to tip a dollar or two per drink or if you run a tab, give about 20% of the total as a tip.