Thursday, March 22, 2012

eBay Auction for Gers shirt signed by Bocanegra, Edu, and Bedoya

Message from a club member:
I've just returned to the Big Apple Bears after four years in Hong Kong as a member of the supporters club there.
Just before I left Hong Kong, Lorenzo Amoruso and Andy Goram visited the club en route to the Rangers convention in Perth, Australia. They gave me a Rangers top signed by the three American amigos at Ibrox: Bocanegra, Edu, and Bedoya.
I've put this up for auction on eBay, and I will donate all proceeds from the auction to the fighting fund.

We need as many bidders as possible to drive the price up, so bid on this! And if you're not bidding, please share this auction with all the Gers fans you know... Email it, put it on your website, post it to your Facebook, tweet it, print it off and stick it to lampposts around your town… whatever you can do will help.
Thanks in advance.