Monday, March 14, 2011

Rangers v PSV, Thu @ 4pm

This game will be shown live. There is no cover charge for the game, but we will sell Big Apple Bears t-shirts after (they are $15). Remember to tip your bartenders (see previous posts for info).

Note that this is St Patricks day, often a busy day for bars all over the city. There may well be plenty of revelers in the Blue Room, some the worse for wear. Most people who celebrate this are just out for some drinks, and probably no nothing of either Rangers or Celtic, the politics of Northern Ireland, etc. If you want to chat to them, have a laugh, that is OK but please do not bring up any topic of conversation that may end in bad feelings or worse. Sorry for the lecture, but we have a great relationship with the folks at the Blue Room and do not want to spoil it.

One last thing, we will have the cup final on Sunday, at 11am. Will post more info on Friday.