Thursday, December 31, 2009

Celtic v Rangers, Sunday @ 7.30am

This game will be shown live at the Blue Room. Please note that the bar is not officially open at this time so please be discrete. Entry will most likely be via the side door.

There will be a $20 cover charge per person for this game, in order to cover the cost of our satellite feed. We are expecting to have free meat pies available at half time (first come, first served).

If this is your first trip to the USA, its worth noting that its customary to tip bartenders here (usually about $1 per drink). If you treat the bartender well, they have the discretion to give you a free drink now and then (called a "buy back"). We are lucky to have a set of Bartenders at the Blue Room that open up 4 or 5 hours before their shift officially starts, just so we can watch the games. We are grateful to all visitors that help us show our appreciation for their dedication.