Monday, December 25, 2006

More games

So we still have Caley Thistle on Wednesday 27 @ 3pm.

We also have St Mirren 10am on Saturday 30th (my birthday).

And, painfully, Sunday 7th January at 7.15am - Dunfermline away in the cup.

First time I went to Dunfermline was back in early 88, Bomber Brown was (incorrectly) sent off as Rangers crashed out 2-0. Worst thing was I was in the Dunfermline end, having got my ticket through a Pars guy I knew; topping that off, I had to go look him up on the Monday to get a ticket sorted for the league game a couple of weeks later, so the f*cker got to rub my face in it. However we cuffed them in the league match, so that evened things up, sort of.