Saturday, February 08, 1997

Russian Alex's Drinking Guide

Our favourite Russian bear gives us helpful hints on vodka, whisky, and bacardi.

Vodka drinking guide for Rangers supporters

The classical vodka spirit mix (80 proof) was found by no one other than Mendeleev, the Great Chemist that invented the periodical table of elements. See how important it was!

So it will never freeze, put the bottle in the freezer for few hours. Take it out well -chilled, pour into the 3 oz glass and slowly pour it into your throat. Sip on a mineral water afterwards and get to the food. Smoked sturgeon or salmon, marinated mushrooms or pickles, salads, ham or a cooked veal tongue, caviar on a French bread with butter, etc. Possibilities are endless!

No drinking cheap shit! Grey Goose, Stoli, Finlandia or some Russian brands like Yuri Dolgorukiy or Gzhelka are strongly recommended. RANGERS CLASS!

After few shots you are ready to sing the "Moscow Evenings", written by Russian composer Soloviev-Sedoy, who was... an alcoholic, and never started his morning without a 6 oz glass of vodka! But what a song!

Whisky drinking guide for rangers supporters

Not handy in that one, that's the price you pay for being a Russian Ranger! Willing to learn though!

Bacardi drinking guide for Rangers supporters

Remember - avoid drinking Bacardi at any cost! Only Puertos can drink this shit and think that this is the best thing in the world! (I know, my wife is half Puerto-Rican.)

By drinking Bacardi you are helping the cause of the enemy (aka Celtic), as you won't be able to wake with a clean head next morning. And you won't see Gers parading countless trophies after the games next season!