Monday, February 10, 1997

Meet the Bears

Mailing address:
Big Apple Bears
c/o 220 East 73rd Street, #7b
New York, ny 10021

Meet the committee...

Ian Wilkie
(the man with the best gossip)

Greig Mitchell
(the voice of reason)

Gordon Kerr
(the resident comedian)

...and don't forget the ordinary punters

colin the past president
richie (another) past president
martin the skye walker
super ally (grew up in the big apple bears)
deacon dave
juha the finn
christie's alex
donald the other skye teuchter
allan who did the mba
colin and his bairn
nags head jeff
the other colin
kevin (the ulster crooner)
davie and gavin (frequent visitors from across the pond)
malky the neutral
steve the cockney red
grant the reporter
dave with the funny accent
tim the bluenose
ray from ulster
alan from ulster as well
moray from glastonbury
accountant alan
big eric (not so big these days)
nick is english
big roddy
roger the barman (ooerr)
the other rod
rob just got here
corbin the canadian
russian alex
soho andy
paul (sounds like a tim)
wild man bobby
tv steve

and many more who we've forgotten (sorry!)

Not forgetting Mark the Dundee tim who started it all!